120 mm motor casing with end cap removed

  • Thrust: ~7000 N
  • Burn time: 4.7 seconds
  • Specific impulse - delivered: ~152 s
  • Total impulse: 32900 Ns
  • Maximum propellant load: 22 kg (10  segments )
  • Empty mass: ~20 kg
  • Material: Aerospace-grade steel.
  • Wall thickness: 2.5mm
  • Length (end-cap to end of nozzle): 1.73 m
  • Maximum outer diameter (nozzle and end cap overlap the main body tube): 130 mm
  • Outer diameter of body: 120 mm


120 mm motor under test 

Alternative propellants for Isp up to 230-240 s are possible (not yet tested).

The motor is re-usable

The motor can be manufactured in different lengths, for burn times other than described above.

A performance certificate issued by ELMEC, Ploiesti, Romania, is available.

This motor can perform as O-class or P-class, dependent on the propellant used

It is suitable for high-power amateur rocketry


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