We can supply small aerial vehicles, piloted by remote radio control or they can follow a  pre-determined navigation plan.

They are useful for on-demand reconnaissance. First-person-view video is streamed back to a ground console, which can be mounted in a vehicle or a backpack.

Vehicles can be made to order. A range of capabilities are available. Five variants have been designed, All can be hand-launched, and do not require a flat runway for recovery. The vehicles are manufactured from fibreglass, and have a very small radar signature.

There are five vehicles in the ORI range, of varying capabilities, sizies, and propulsion types.

This ORI- 1, for example, has the following paramaters:.

  • Wingspan: 1.2 m
  • Payload  0.7 kg
  • Max speed: 100 km/h
  • Max altitude 3.5 km
  • Max flight time 40 min


Selection of ORI vehicles

Spacefleet is an agent for Reev River Aerospace, which is the manufacturer.

if you are interested in the ORI, then please get in touch with us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.